The Wizard of Oz

Wednesday night we went back to the New World Symphony for this week’s featured film, The Wizard of Oz.

If I tell you that I had never seen it before, you probably don’t believe me but, I hadn’t.

I know, how dare I call myself a movie person?

I loved everything about it, the story, the singing but most of all, the costumes!!

Lily has become quite the movie chick herself. (I guess all those pregnant days off instant watching movies paid off )

She sat quietly and attentively through the movie and only fell asleep almost at the very end.

She was definitely better than the 20 something year olds who parked themselves next to us and were loud and obnoxious and obviously didn’t care that everyone else was actually there to watch the movie.

And on that (bitch) note have a great weekend everyone!! We will be celebrating uncle Darren’s birthday. 🙂

pizza and wine

somewhere over the rainbow…..