A week in cell

This week I have decided to join Amy at A good life for her weekday recap.

Although I don’t have an iphone, I have been taking a lot more pictures with my phone so I don’t have to be so weighed down with my camera. (I carry enough stuff in my bag!)

I know I took pictures every day and I will try my best to remember what was on what day so, here are a bunch of phone pics from this past week. 🙂

monday. Lily coloring in pigtails

tuesday. walking towards a haircut. stencil graffiti



a bubble

Lily was obviously playing with my shoe

my favorite tree on Lincoln Rd

i love round windows

cookies and red wine at uncle Darren’s

a night walk

golden leaves

wednesday. hanging with Lily in her crib

Lily having spa time

a snack with Elmo

mixed media by Lily


pear cheek

thursday. a snack at the library courtyard

good job Lily. lol

friday. breakfast

reading to Elmo

sick Lily 🙁