We celebrate

Last night we finally got to go out and celebrate uncle Darren’s birthday.

Lily was feeling much better by late afternoon and we all met at Wynwood Kitchen and Bar.

Uncle Darren had never been there and loved it.

Art walk was also going on so uncle D and I got to stay behind (Will took Lily home) and check out some cool art.

Family + good food and wine + art = wonderful night

Linking up to Mandy at Harper’s Happenings for Steppin’ Out.

earrings- Anthropologie

tank- F21

bag- Anthropologie

skirt- Gap

belt- Gap

sandals- Steven

this is my “don’t f with me” look Will loves so much

happy birthday!!!!!

the real voyage of discovery consists not in seeing new landscapes but in having new eyes. thank you!

get out of my shot dork

double 0 forty two


i want one

lovers by John Pate