Let’s get physical!

I have a confession to make, I have been slackin’ off.

When it comes to mySELF, I have been completely slackin’ off.

I have become lazy in this motherhood role but, when it comes to me.

Before I got pregnant and even during pregnancy, I was in great shape!

I walked a lot, I rode my bike, I swam, I ran up and down flights of steps in our apartment building, I stretched on the balance ball….

Ever since Lily was born, I have done nothing.

Yes, we ride bikes and yes we go to the beach and I am active but I can by no means call it exercise.

To top it off, I now eat ice cream like I never did before. (not even during my pregnancy)

It all started when Lily was born and I felt like treating myself to something at the end of the day.

Treating myself used to mean a shopping trip or a few drinks but because I was breast feeding and our budget was now different, ice cream was the best option. (damn you Ben&Jerry!)

I also used to drink tons of water. ALL day long.

Now, I’m lucky if I drink 1 glass the whole day.

I not only forget to drink water but I also try to not go to the bathroom as much as possible because a certain little one always follows me in there.

Bad habits have developed since Lily was born.

Can I blame Lily? (sure, why not? 😉 )

No, I am to blame.

I have been slackin’ off and things need to change because not only do I not feel great about myself but I am also turning 39 in December and things only get harder as you get older.

It’s not even a matter of weight because surprisingly it’s remained the same (maybe up and down 2lbs) but, it’s a matter of feeling jiggly-wiggly, stiff and not flexible (I used to be so flexible) and feeling tired all the time.

So, I have started running up and down steps (from the ground floor to the 7th, 4 times up, 4 times down), stretching on the ball, and drinking lots of water again.

We will see how this goes (it needs to keep going) since I really don’t like to exercise.

Has any of this happened to you new moms also?

And if so, how do you find the time and energy to exercise?

perhaps one of the Royal Tenenbaums? (she loves putting on my sneakers)