My dearest Lily,

This morning I took you to the beach.

I noticed that even though you and I are together all the time, it’s not that often that we do mommy-daughter things on our own outside of the house.

Before there were lots of mommy friends, trips to the library and endless mornings at the park, when you were just a baby, I would venture out with you and it was just us.

I sometimes miss those days so this morning we had just that.

We swam, giggled in the water, made sand castles, looked for shells, kissed, hugged…

I don’t ever want you to feel like we can’t do things on our own and I don’t ever want to lose the bond you and I have.

It’s important and oh so wonderful to have mommy-Lily adventures.

I love you,

your mama

P.S.- You are fearless when it comes to water these days. You think you can swim. But, you can’t. Yet. 😉

Oh, and you love your new bikini because it has a top for the “maminhas” (boobies) like mine has.


i love you ratinha