Some blog lovin’

I would like to share with you some of the blogs I find wonderfully inspiring and that I visit almost daily. (if not daily)

I love all of my “mom” blogs but I also really love these other blogs.

Artsy blogs, life style blogs, decorating blogs.

Seedling– This is the real Jersey shore people. Mallory and her husband live in the Jersey shore in a wonderful little house with an awesome shed in the back. (I’m obsessed with their shed) They live close to both of their families who have normal jobs, normal hair, normal clothes and normal tans. I love visiting Mallory’s blog because it always reminds me of the wonderful memories I have of the Jersey shore. The Jersey shore that I knew.

An Indian Summer– All I have to do is click on this blog and I’m drooling. Beautifully decorated spaces with wonderful light. Oh, how it makes me dream and jones of having a house.

calivintage– Out of all of the fashion blogs I visit, Erin is by far the most individual fashionista. I love everything about her style. Her hair, her makeup, the way she puts things together, her photo shoots on her roof. I also love getting glimpses of of San Francisco and its style!

Che and Fidel– This is where I visit Australia. Jodi and her lovely family live in the central coast. There are beautiful woodsy pictures, rocky beach pictures, their home is lovely…. Since Australia is too far away, I just click on Jodi’s blog and cyber visit instead.

Flora Douville– Artsy inspiration galore!!! Flora is so talented. She makes jewelry, she paints, she draws, she has quite the green thumb, her photographs are beautiful… If you are feeling uninspired, just go visit Flora and I bet you will find some inspiration. I know I always do.

Hi Happy Panda– Rachel and her family live in Los Angeles. You would think they would live a crazy hectic life but, Rachel has created quite the quiet and peaceful home and life style for her and her family. I love visiting her blog to see different places through her eyes and learn about her “unschooling” ways.

oana befort– Oana is quite the illustrative mama. I love how dreamy her works always are. Oh, and she’s quite fashionable as well!

Resurrection Fern– Margaret loves and does all things natural. She is into making her own dyes and paper these days. Quite amazing. Again, inspiration!!

I hope that if you had the time to check some of these blogs out, that you loved them.

What are some of the blogs you love and get inspiration from?