Mamas & their babies

Zana and I met at the library almost 1 year ago.

We were both there for the baby program, she with Leona and I with Lily.

She is a friendly and practical mama who was a school teacher back in Montenegro.

I always enjoy my time and conversations with Zana, she is very interested in child psychology and always has a different point of view to offer.

Q- How old are you Zana?

A- 39 years old

Q- Where were you born?

A- I was born in Podgorica, the capital of Montenegro

Q- How long have you lived in Miami?

A- 2.5 years in Miami

Q- How old were you when you had Leona?

A- 37.5 years old when I had Leona

Q- How old is she?

A- Leona is 20 months now

Q- Did you breast feed and if so, for how long?

A- I am still breast feeding

Q- Are you a stay at home mom or a working mom?

A- I left my career behind for now for Leona, so I am at home working/stay at home mom.

Q- What was the hardest part for you of becoming a mom?

A- Nothing really. I am old fashion Monteneg. Mom like my mom. Your kids are part of your life and at the end of the day you forget what was hard

Q- How did you come up with the name for Leona?

A- Took us 2 months to decide on a baby’s name and Leona won because of its meaning. Strength and bravery and noble like a lion

Q- What is the best advice you would give to a new mom?

A- Kids need to be loved, supported and accepted as they are so they can grow as healthy and confident people. Our mission is to find the best way to provide it

thank you Zana and Leona!

Date: June 16 2011

Location: Miami Beach Library