My dearest Lily,

Ever since pai bought you your water wings, you have gained such confidence in the water.

I am happy to tell you that you are now a floater.

Yes! You float and you do it all by yourself.

Floating is something that both pai and I have tried to make you do when in the water but ever since you were a baby, it has been something that you have hated and not been comfortable with.

I think floating and being on your back like that made you feel like you were losing control and I believe you are a bit of a control freak. (jeez, I wonder where you get that from…)

We have been spending the mornings at the beach and the afternoons at the pool and when you are in the water now, you comfortably switch from your stomach to your back.

It’s good to see you relaxed. (not fully though, don’t think I didn’t notice your clenched fist) 😉

I love you,