Baby proofing

Now that Lily is a toddler and no longer in her crawling or learning how to walk stage, I would like to talk about baby proofing (or the lack of) without feeling like jinxing myself.

Some of you who visit here have smaller babies and I would like you to know that the only baby proofing Will and I did was cover the electric outlets.

We both believe that children should be taught to not touch everything, and should have barriers and limits.

Both my brother and I were raised that way and the same with Will and his siblings.

Our moms never moved anything out of way, never rounded the sharp corners of tables, never locked cabinets, never put up baby gates.

When it came to baby proofing, we decided to take the old school approach we were raised with.

Children should know that tables have sharp corners and be aware of it, they should know that glass breaks, they should know that an item is mommy’s/daddy’s and they have no business touching it.

To me, there is nothing worst than a child who goes over someone’s house and touches everything because everything has always been moved out of her/his way.

Will and I also strongly dislike all the gimmick stuff the baby industry makes for parents to spend their money on.

Seriously, so much of it is unnecessary.

When comes to it, I think it’s part of parenting, and if you are not afraid of saying the word “NO” to your child, it works.

Like my mama friend Min said here, children need to hear the word “NO”, it’s good for them.

How do you feel about baby proofing?

What approach did you or will you take?

Lily’s room however is a free for all. It’s her room, she can touch whatever she wants