Mamas & their babies

I’m sorry to say that I don’t have a new mama & her babies for you this week.

Lily and I spent last week together having some much needed mommy and daughter alone time and it was wonderful.

So… let’s have a recap of all our mamas & their babies so far! 😉

Here they are in order:

Patty and Niko

Claudia and Sofia

Zura and Lien

Me and Lily

Ulrike, Ayya and Ananda

Margaret, Natalia and Juliette

Holly, Dexter and Spike

Julia, Milo and Charlie

Min and Lucia

Ivonne and Valentina

Sara, Sam and Simon

Zana and Leona

And while I’m at it, how do you guys feel about this segment?

Do you like it? Do you hate it? Do you not care?

I would love some feed back. 🙂