Thinking out loud

Daycare seems to be the hot topic on the playground these days.

Actually, everywhere I turn, moms seem to be talking about it and wanting to put their little ones in the best daycare possible.

I guess it’s that time, our babies have grown into toddlers and I guess that’s the normal thing to do.

Will and I have decided to not put Lily in daycare and when I suggest such a thing at the playground I’m almost looked at like I have 5 heads.

When Will and I first started talking about having children, the thought of me being a stay at home mom was up in the air.

Then we became pregnant, Lily was born and the moment I held her in my arms I knew that I didn’t want to return to work and that I wanted to raise Lily. (I want to be there and raise her be the best person she can be)

I think if I actually had a career or a project that I really wanted to throw myself into, Lily would go to daycare.

However, when I made the decision to be a stay at home mom, I took that as a long term career/project and no matter how hard it is sometimes to not be rewarded by a paycheck, no dress or fabulous shoes is worth missing Lily grow.

I worry sometimes that this isn’t the right decision for Lily even though in my heart I feel like it is.

Would she learn more at daycare?

Would she learn to be more sociable at daycare?

Will and I have discussed all of this and by now we both know our Lily pretty well.

She’s a smart one (and I’m not just saying this because she is ours), we both spend a lot of time reading to Lily (she knows almost all the letters in the alphabet and some numbers).

She’s around a lot of kids (most of them she has known almost all her life) and even though she sees them every day, she will still go off and do her own thing because that is who she is. (she takes after Will with that)

We do lots of art projects at home, we go to the library once a week, go swimming at the beach and the pool, go on nature walks…

As far as I’m concerned, we are giving her the best daycare there is.

As long as Lily and I are happy doing what we do and as long as we can afford to live off of 1 paycheck (thank you Will), I think this is the best way.

After all, she has her whole life to be in school, grow up and be away from home, time goes by too quickly, I want to hold onto her as much as I can.

And I mean that in the healthiest way possible. 🙂


mornings with Lily, wouldn’t miss them for the world!