Yesterday we went over to our friends Marie and Sunday’s home to celebrate their son Ade’s seventh birthday.

On the way there, Will was in denial of how old Ade is already thinking that he was turning four.

Yeah, like three years ago!!

Ade’s birthday is a big bash every year and I’m happy to say that with the exception of one year, I have been there for every single celebration since he turned one.

It was wonderful to have spent the day with my Haitian family.

Happy birthday Ade, you rock star!!!

(P.S.- Even though I’m a day late, I’m linking to Mandy for Steppin Out)

Oh, and Happy July 4th everyone! 🙂 Have fun and be safe!

headband- CVS

earrings- Anthropologie, gifted by uncle Darren

dress- F21

bag- Anthropologie

sandals- Lucky Brand

let’s go party!!!!

Ade, the birthday boy



crazy couple

lol Jocey

I think Lily is a bit suspicious of Jocey…

best smile ever

Nilsa and her mama

is this how you hold a baby? Nilsa and Soraya (I almost stole a baby)

Valerie and Tamara. what?

that’s more like it

first lollipop ever, how did she know to unwrap it and eat it?



a very tired Lily