My dearest Lily,

You are 20 months today, exactly 4 months away from turning 2 years old.

I can’t believe how fast time is flying and that you will be 2 years old in such little time.

You are quite the little person these days, your personality and the person you are (and will be) is full on here.

You are smart, you are funny, you are independent but like to stay close, you are determined, you are stubborn.

Books are still your favorites however, lately you have been quite the artsy girl.

You love your new washable markers as well as my color pencils.

Painting time lately is initiated by you. You go get the painting apron, the containers, the brushes and then you yell out “mommy!”

I love that you have been initiating painting time, it shows me that you really do enjoy it.

Potty training is close I tell you.

This past week, every time you poop in your diaper, you go get a diaper and wipes and then you come get me to change you. Thank you for not attempting to change your own diaper.

You say new words both in English and in Portuguese every day.

Yesterday while looking at your dinosaur book, you said “big” and “bad” and while playing with your stuffed animals you said “sapo” (frog in Portuguese) and Nat (the frog’s name).

Your favorite thing to say is “e meu!” (it’s mine in Portuguese). You say this pretty much for everything lol. If someone tries to take something you are holding, you say “e meu!”. If we touch your arm, leg, hand, foot, whatever, and you don’t want us to, you say “e meu!”. If we are in your personal space and you don’t want us there, you say “e meu!”.

While out and about you are still the serious Lily you have always been however, your pai and I know you better than that.

We love you ratinha, happy 20 months.