House hunting

It’s so hard isn’t it?

We have been looking at houses and it’s so hard to not look at a house as just an in the “now” house and look at it as an “in the future” house.

Whether or not we end up living in this future house forever, I like to think that we will.

My parents moved me around a lot when I was little and I like the thought of a house that Lily can grow up in and come back to when she gets older.

The yellow house is still a possibility for us however, we went to look at the house below on sunday and because of its larger square footage and layout, I see it more as a house where we can easily grow into as a grown family of 3 and possibly even 4 one day.

It’s not just hard picking out a house with the right price but also a neighborhood with kids, a neighborhood that is safe and quiet but with stuff going on not too far away, a neighborhood with good schools near by…

I know that once we find “our” house we will know it and even though we are closer than before, it still feels like we are far….

I wish you all a wonderful weekend. We will most likely go house hunting. 😉


this Lily needs a green grassy yard