Los ninos son un amor

On tuesday we had our first Buzzy Kids Playdate hosted by Patricia and Samantha.

It was wonderful because it was at the park by our house and everyone got to join!

This first art play date was all about the primary colors and what other colors they create when mixed together.

Even though the smaller toddlers were only interested for a bit and distracted by the playground, the bigger kids really enjoyed the art project and at the end everyone had a wonderful time.

We look forward to more Buzzy Kids Playdates! 🙂

P.S.- We are also super happy to have back our friends Sherrie and McCoy.

Linking to Morgan, the hostess of Small Style.

Lily wears:

shirt- babyGap

shorts- Kohl’s

sandals- Salt Water

Yudy with the kids singing “a la rueda, rueda con pan y canela…”

i don’t know whose juice this is but i’m drinking it because i’m hot and thirsty!