Since shaving

It may sound totally silly and ridiculous but, ever since I started shaving, my life has become so much easier and care free.

I can go to the beach or the pool whenever I want.

I can wear whatever I want. (I was really limited in my wardrobe when I was waxing)

I actually have hair-free and smooth legs!!!

With waxing, I never had smooth legs.

There were always bumps, hair was always growing at different times, there was always that 2 week period where I had to let the hair grow in order to get waxed.

How come it took me so long to realize what a nightmare it really was!?

Maybe I would still be waxing if I wasn’t a mom and had more time but, I’m glad I’m back to shaving.

Shaving is way less expensive, takes way less time (believe it or not) and I actually get the results I want.

So, yay for shaving!!

Hope you all have a fab and hair-free weekend. 🙂