I’m an earring girl. A gold earring girl at that.

When I was a teenager I was definitely a ring girl. A silver ring girl.

I think I wore a silver ring on every finger.

Then, in my early twenties I switched to gold (my mom was so happy!) and I switched to earrings.

I have been a gold earring girl ever since then.

If I could go into anyone’s jewelry box, it would be Frida Kahlo’s.

What about you? Do you wear jewelry? Are you an earring, ring or necklace girl? If you could have anyone’s jewelry, whose would it be?

Here are some of my faves.

the turquoise on the left are my oldest pair and the ones I wear daily. all purchased by me

22k Portuguese gold. left and right gifted by my mom, middle gifted by my dad

left purchased by me, middle gifted by an old friend, right gifted by Will (love them!). all from Anthropologie

both gifted by Darren (picked by me 😉 ). left from Lincoln Rd vintage market, right from Anthropologie (love!!)

girl with the gold earring, a self. oils on canvas