Car sleeper

When I was little, whenever you would put me in a car, I would fall asleep.

Actually, I still fight hard to not fall asleep whenever I’m in a car.

Something about the motion of the car, the sound, the sun warming your skin… I could fall asleep right now.

Saturday afternoon we went to Hollywood to celebrate uncle Dave’s birthday.

Both Will and I tried to make Lily nap at home because we knew it was going to be somewhat of a late night but of course she didn’t.

Instead, she fell asleep in the car.

Surprisingly enough though, I got her out of the car, carried her through the building, through the back where the party was happening, plopped her on a beach lounger and not only did she not wake up but, she slept for a whole hour.

It’s a good thing she slept because we only left at 10:30pm.