I never had braids when I was little.

My mom was too busy and couldn’t care less about hair.

Well, she cared enough to wash, brush and put the occasional hair sprout on top of my head. (which I hated btw)

I had short hair for most of my childhood.

Maybe because I always had short hair, I always liked playing with hair.

I would always want to brush my aunt’s hair and give her hair dos.

Same went (and still goes) for my friends, cousins and anybody with longer hair.

Maybe I missed my calling? I don’t think so though, scissors terrify me and I have never been able to take them to mine or anyone else’s hair.

I have always loved braids and to braid someone’s hair. Something about the interlocking of hair…. I find it so beautiful.

This past week, I tried braiding Lily’s hair and believe it or not, her hair is already long enough to do so.

Do you guys remember this post?

Well, the answer is obvious.

The hair will not be cut.

My dream of one day braiding my daughter’s hair has come true.

P.S- Hope you all had a great weekend.