The cutest thing

Lily loves her Oh My Oh My Oh Dinosaurs! book.

It’s one of those that she has had since she was a little baby and she still looks at it everyday.

It’s a good little book.

By now she knows Dinosaurs HAPPY, SAD, GOOD, BAD, BIG, TINY, COLD, HOT, she knows the colors….

On monday however, when we got to the Dinosaurs CUTE page, she pointed to the girl dinosaur and said “Fifi”.

She then pointed to the boy dinosaur and said “Dyla”.

Those are her two best friends Sofia and Dylan!!

Isn’t that the cutest thing?

You know what else is pretty cute?

Later on that day when Will and Lily were heading out the door, I said “bye Lily, I love you!” like I always do and she replied “bye mommy!, I wuv you!”

Seriously, too much. She’s killing me lately.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

“Fifi e Dyla”