Dear Elmo,

You are looking very well loved lately.

Lily loves you more than any other toy or book she owns.

She hugs you, kisses you, feeds you, changes your diaper, checks your fever, reads to you, sleeps with you, takes you to the park and for walks sometimes, she makes you tea in her mini kitchen…

She LOVES you!

And because of all this loving, you are now a bit dirty and shall I say it? Smelly.

You are due for a good washing and I don’t know how to do it, I can’t just stick you in the washing machine or the sink….

It’s going to be a bit tricky but don’t you worry Elmo, I will figure something out.

And if not, Lily will continue to love you just the same.

If not more.

Thank you for being such a good friend to our Lily,

Lily’s mommy