Lily and the dogs

Titus (a brown choco lab) is Will’s dog and the oldest here.

Rio (a retriever) is the second oldest.

Lola (a basset hound) is around Lily’s age.

Sophie (a brown choco lab) is the baby.

Lily gets along and loves all of the dogs, especially the girls Lola and Sophie.

Lola however is Lily’s girl.

Lily shows Lola everything she does. All throughout the day you can hear her saying “Nola ook, I swing” (Lola look, I’m swinging), “Nola ook, I jump”, “Nola ook, bouncy ball”…

I wish we had a bigger place in Miami so we could get Lily her own dog. She’s so good with them.

Lily with Rio

Lily with Lola and Sophie

Lily with Lola