Mamas & their babies

I met Blair in 2007 on my first visit here to West Virginia.

There was a party going on, eating, drinking, dancing and we hit it off right away.

Who knew that 4 years later we would both have kids?

Blair is a busy mama. Not only does she run a successful restaurant in Hillsboro (Pretty Penny) but, she also has two little ones to take care of.

No matter how busy she is though, she is never too busy to catch up and have some fun.

Q- How old are you Blair?

A- I will be 30 on 9-15

Q- Where were you born?

A- I was born in Elkins and grew up on the farm in Mingo Flats

Q- How long have you lived in West Virginia?

A- I have lived in WV all my life except when I lived in Charleston, Roanoke, Virginia Beach, Denver and Columbus. That took about 7-8

Q- How old were you when you had Penelope?

A- I was 27 when I had Nele

Q- How old is Penelope?

A- She will be 3 on friday

Q- How old were you when you had Oliver?

A- 28

Q- How old is Oliver?

A- He is 15 months

Q- Did you breastfeed and if so for how long?

A- I did, for about 6 months

Q- Are you a stay at home mom or working mom?

A- Working mom

Q- What was the hardest part for you of becoming a mom?

A- Balancing motherhood and my career

Q- How did you come up with names for Penelope and Oliver?

A-Penelope is named after my mother and Oliver is one of Charlan’s middle name

Q- What is the best advice you would give to a new mom?

A- Children are not the boss!

thank you Blair, Penelope and Oliver!

Date: August 30 2011

Location: At the Eilers residence