In the company of good men

I am not the sporty type. Actually, I’m the total opposite of sporty, I don’t even own 1 pair of sweat pants.

All through school, I did sports only because it was part of the curriculum. The only volunteered sport I did was cross country and that’s because I somewhat enjoyed running.

I don’t even really enjoy watching sports.

Last week, I was volunteered by my father in law John to join his golfing team at a golf tournament.

You can just imagine the look of fear on my face.

“WHAT!?” I said.

“It’s all in good fun and it’s a charity event.” he said.

“Okay….” I said.

Golfing… my idea of tee time is lemon with honey and a blueberry scone on the side please.

Putting my fear aside, I looked at the great opportunity given to me.

A chance to golf for the first time on a beautiful golf course surrounded by trees and mountains every where you look, a chance to be Lily-free almost the whole day and a chance to be in the company of good men like my husband, my father in law and our friend Joe.

Even though I’m not ready to take up golf as a sport or anything, I will gladly go again and I had a great day!

practicing my putting. turns out i’m actually an ok putter 😉

Joe getting the bloody maries ready

team Eilers+Joe

golfin’ y’all! lol

me with my hot golf date. please excuse my tipsy look, i had a bloody mary for breakfast and beers for lunch. but hey, that’s how the big boys do it 😉

in the company of good men