We are here!

Lily and I arrived in Portugal safely and on time yesterday.

First off let me tell you guys that I LOVE TAP!

If you are not familiar with TAP, it is a Portuguese airline that I have not traveled with in many years but since they just launched the only direct flight from Miami to Lisbon, Lily and I flew with them.

The plane was clean, all the seats had new pillows and blankets that were still wrapped and the food was actually pretty good.

But, the most impressive thing was that not only did they give me a seat with an empty seat next to me when I checked in but, once Lily and I boarded and we were in our own individual seats, the nicest flight attendant came over to me and told me to go ahead and move to an empty row of 4 seats.

Lily and I had 4 seats all to ourselves!

This nice flight attendant was there to bring Lily coloring books with pencils, apple juice and cookies when she was throwing the biggest freaky tantrum I have ever seen. (like exorcist style)

Ok, so the tantrum… for the ones of you who don’t personally know Lily, she is not the type to throw tantrums.

Every once in a while she might have a small melt down but it’s usually when she has been pushed too far and is tired.

Lily had a long day on monday. She woke up at her usual time, went to the park, didn’t nap and, at 8:30pm when we were driving to the airport, she fell asleep in the car.

She slept in my arms all the way through checking in until going through security.

When we got to our gate she was fully awake again but extremely tired and we still had an hour of waiting time. She spent her waiting time coloring.

Once we boarded and were seating in our 4 seats, she started getting really tired and completely inconsolable.

She didn’t want anything. She didn’t want to sit in her seat, she didn’t want to sit on my lap. She didn’t want Pooh. She didn’t want her reading books. She didn’t want her coloring books. She didn’t want her snacks. She didn’t want the nice lady’s ipod seating in the row next us. It was “no”, “no”, “NO” and kicking at everything and anything.

And then it was take off time. The nice fight attendant came by to attach the special infant belt onto my belt and she unleashed a crazy kind of beast in Lily.

She started screaming, crying, kicking, turning red and purple, there was no talking to her.

I was freaked out not knowing if something was terribly wrong with her, completely embarrassed that my child (the only one on the flight) was causing such a scene and completely clueless of what else to do.

After much kicking and screaming on my lap, she finally passed out while eating a cookie. Have you ever?

Once she was well asleep, I moved her over to the 2 seats next to me and she slept the whole flight until 30 minutes before landing.

It was a tough beginning but smooth all the rest of the way and we are here.

I got to see my brother, his gf and my new nephew already. He is so tiny and dreamy. 🙂

We are here for a month and it’s all about the family this trip but I will try to do my best to show you this beautiful country. So stay tuned!

P.S.- I just realized it’s wednesday. We sort of lost a day so I don’t have a mamas&their babies for you. But, go over to Happy Chaos because Natasha does!

Lily before something took over her body

this picture of a very mad Lily moments after she was born is the only one i have that somewhat compares to what she looked like. exorcist i tell ya….