In my mother’s kitchen

I’m not really a breakfast person, not as soon as I wake up anyway.

But, in my mother’s kitchen, I’m a breakfast person.

Fresh goat cheese and melons from local farmers, fresh sweet bread from the local bakery… yes please!

The only thing I don’t really care for is all the chickens. But, whatever, that’s my mom’s thing.

Are you guys breakfast people? What do you like to have?

Oh! I know it’s wednesday and it’s supposed to be mamas&their babies day but, I have decided that since I am on vacation, the segment is too. I will restart it in November when we return to Miami.

In the meanwhile, please visit Happy Chaos for some mamas&their babies. 🙂

paozinhos de leite (sweet milk bread) and queijinhos frescos (fresh goat cheese)

fresh meats, cheeses and melon

see the salt&pepper shakers on the right? i grew up with them in the kitchen 😉

chicken madness and traditional Portuguese pottery