The market

Growing up as a young girl in this small Portuguese city called Beja, there were no big super markets.

The city market is where my mom would go to buy everything from meat, fish, cheese to produce.

Times have changed and even though my mom only goes to the super market for some things because she mostly shops in small mom and pop markets in her neighborhood, she no longer shops in the city market.

Lily and I paid them a visit the other day and I was happy to see that they still have my favorite section, their wonderful traditional pottery section.

I bought some souvenirs. 😉

I wish you all a wonderful weekend. We are off to the south of Portugal (Algarve) for 1 week. I will have no internet so see you when we return with lots (and lots) of pictures.

Oh! And I have decided to have a Portuguese inspired GIVEAWAY when we return so make sure you come back to visit us. 🙂