Uma casa do monte

When I was a young girl living here in Beja, I grew up going to this park and playing in this miniature version of a traditional Portuguese country house.

Last year when we visited, the park was closed for renovations. I was sad I wasn’t able to share it with Lily then.

The park has since re-opened, it looks beautiful and Lily is at such a much better age to appreciate it all.

The house looks just like how I remember it.

Filled with traditional hand painted furniture, pottery, tapestries and with a carriage that is pulled by a pony that has still to appear so Lily can go for a ride.

I’m happy to finally be able to share it with Lily and that she loves playing in this “tiny house” as much as I did.

Linking up to Morgan for Small Style.

Lily wears: dress- Ralph Lauren gifted by avo Hayes. sandals- Salt Water