around here

Before getting here, I never even took into consideration the fact that I would be single parenting Lily for a month.

I thought about the flight, seeing my family, diapers, wipes, what clothes to bring, everything except for single parenting.

It has not been easy. Some days definitely more challenging than others. Especially the ones when Lily wakes up and she is a…. shall I say persistent almost little 2 year old?

It is all good however, my thoughts go out to you single mothers.

Here are some delightful moments from Monte Gordo.

I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend!

being at the beach again

shadow pictures

happy again 🙂

different shells

just call her sandy

sporting a turban and a baby

seeing Spain across the water while lunching

portuguese food

lots of it

lunch with the avos for avo Ricardo’s birthday


Vila Real de Santo Antonio

a street fair

old architecture

being Lily


walks on beautiful cobble stoned streets

sitting on every ride but not riding

going to different parks

meeting prima Teresinha!