21 days in

Lily and I arrived here in Portugal exactly 21 days ago.

This is the longest either one of us has been away from Will.

We spent the last week and a half at the beach in the south of Portugal and even though it was wonderful, it was hard not having internet access because that way we weren’t able to chat with Will like we do here in Beja.

Traveling for me is wonderful and extremely hard all at once.

Wonderful because I’m getting to know different places or visiting family but hard because I start missing home.

This time around is even harder because Will is not here with us.

I miss my best friend, my lover, my husband.

Lily misses her pai.

I miss my friends, my home, my plants, my life back in Miami (minus the heat) and I know that Lily does too.

Soon enough we will be back home and then I will be missing my family here in Portugal and wishing we could be with them.

That’s the way it goes. And such is life isn’t it?

Here are the rest of the pictures from our good times spent in Monte Gordo. It was nice being at the beach, I felt closer to home.

playing with tio Ricky

Winnie the Pooh wings and new swimming bottoms

pooping at the beach and making me chase her

spending lots of time with my brother and Lily curls on the sand

silly shadow pics

Lily loves to be a mermaid

baby Dicky’s first time at the beach

an ice pop for Lily, a beer for me

an “Abby dress”

lots of different shells

a swimming hole

in the sun shots

soaking it all up

happy caipiroska hour with my brother

the wonderful little park by our house

saying farewell to the ocean on a very windy day

until next time Monte Gordo