Tio Ricky’s 31st

It was my brother’s 31st birthday on friday.

We were fortunate to be here this year just like last year to celebrate his special day with him.

I can’t believe he is 31. I can’t believe he is a father. I can’t believe how fast time flies.

Today is my mom’s birthday and we will be going to Evora to spend the day as a family and to say farewell to my brother, Anabela and baby Dicky. (that’s always a hard one for me)

Happy November everyone!

Lily put the candles on

happy 31st!

giver her some wine…

and she starts dancing 🙂

the best gift came 1 month early

a trip to the park in her favorite dress

playing in the “tiny house”

a visit to Bunny FooFoo

my favorite fairy

runaway fairy

boots 🙂