65 and a drive around Evora

Yesterday was my mom’s 65th birthday.

If someone had said to her 5 years ago that she would be spending her 65th with 2 grandchildren, she would have not believed them.

But, there she was with both Lily and baby Dicky. 🙂

We spent the day in Evora (an hour north from my parents) where my brother lives. He happens to live in the old part of town within the castle walls.

It was mostly a rainy day spent eating at a restaurant and then eating cake at my brother’s house.

I didn’t take any pics except of the drive to go get cake ( which was almost an impossible mission since it was a Holiday… All Saints Day) and then some of my mom blowing out the candles.

Evora is a beautiful old town and I wanted to show you how narrow the streets are.

Today is another rainy day here which is perfect for all the packing I have to do since we will be leaving tomorrow.

Have a great day everyone!

P.S.- I just looked at the date. 2 years ago was Lily’s due date. Can’t believe she will be 2 in 5 days!!


did you feel like you were in the car driving around with us? 😉

all day Lily kept saying “happy birthday Carmo!” 🙂