Until next time Portugal

By the time some of you read this, Lily and I will be flying over the Atlantic on our way back to Miami.

We had a great time in Portugal filled with lots of quality family time.

As always, I did some shopping however, I must say that when it came to me this year, I had no luck other than a light scarf from H&M.

Lily however is going home with almost a whole new wardrobe. (avo Ricardo and avo Carmo could not help themselves)

Sweet peasant tops from H&M, sweet European-style blouses from DPAM (amazing French kids clothing!), knee socks from C&A and skirts, dresses, tights, boots and more blouses from Kiabi.

She really made out well this trip around.

Due to so many new additions to her wardrobe, there were quite a few favorites this past week. (her favorite however was always the “Abby dress” that she put on top of everything every day)

As always linking up with Morgan for Small Style and see you all next week for some more Miami style! 🙂

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Here’s a peak:

cardigan, blouse and boots- Kiabi. jeans- Target

long sleeve shirt- Old Navy. dress- Benetton, gifted by Anabela’s mom. knee socks (pulled down)- C&A. boots- Kiabi. hat- prima Sofia’s

hat- Gymboree. blouse and boots- Kiabi. jeans- Target. Pooh pouch- gifted

pigtails and knee socks, need i say more?

cardigan, skirt and boots- Kiabi. long sleeve shirt underneath- Old Navy. knee socks- C&A

Lily in her favorite dress. she calls it the “Abby dress”

dress- H&M gifted by tio Ricky and Anabela