20 years

Tonight will be my high school 20 year reunion.

WHAT!? Yeah, 20 years.

I seriously cannot believe that much time has passed especially since sometimes I feel like I just put on my cowboy boots, dress and gown and walked down that field.

But, 20 years has passed. It’s amazing really.

Unfortunately since Lily and I just arrived from Portugal and since her birthday is on monday, I will not be attending.

I feel a bit sad since there are a good amount of people who I would love to see but, like I said on here, thanks to Facebook, I get to see them every day.

I guess that Romy&Michele moment K and I have been dreaming about (or is that just me?) will have to way another 10 years…

What I would like to say is…. thank you fellow Midland Park High School 1991 graduates for the wonderful times and memories.

I hope you guys have an amazing time and please have a drink (or 3 😉 ) for me.

Rock on class of 1991!!!!!

getting ready for graduation with my bff Julia on my left, my friend Adrienne and my brother Ricky on my right and the little boy I nannied Brian in front

with good friends Eric and K at the graduation party

oh yeah, fun times! lol

And because even though 20 years have passed and I still love this band that back then had a HUGE influence on me, here’s a little DM for you!