Two year old stats

Happy 11-11-11 everyone!

Lily had her two year old check up on wednesday.

She weighs 27.5lbs and measures 35.5″. She is still in the 90th percentile as far as height is concerned and 50th percentile in weight.

Can you say tall skinny girl? (if she’s lucky, she will take after her tia Sasa)

No ear infections, no problem with the eyes, she has a “happy heart”, she got 1 shot and they took her blood.

The shot was no problem, not even a sign of anything the taking of the blood however, was hard for both she and I.

I was holding Lily and they took the blood from the vein in her right arm. At first she was ok but then, oh boy… she was crying and she wanted the needle out ( do you blame her?). I wanted to cry!

Once out of there Will and I treated our little one to a pink frosted, sprinkled doughnut and some orange juice. I think she quickly forgot about the blood taking.

It’s crazy to think that the next visit (unless there are any illnesses along the way) will be next year. I love Lily’s pediatrician and will miss her!

Well, it is friday. Can you guys believe it? The week flew.

Tomorrow we will be having Lily’s small birthday party so I will have lots of fun pics to share with you on monday.

Happy weekend everyone!

Lily decided to dress up by throwing some necklaces on and wearing booties that are too big for her even though I got them for her last Christmas

at the pediatrician’s after a shot and blood and Lily having her treat