Feather headband tutorial and giveaway!

Hello everyone! Are you ready for our very first tutorial?

Well, it all started when I cleaned out my dresser drawers on thursday and finally got rid of favorite pajama pants that had holes and tears with no repair.

Since I wanted to make Lily a birthday “2” headband, I thought it would be a great idea to use the fabric from my very favorite pajama pants.

So, if you have old pillow cases, aprons, t-shirts, sheets, or pajama pants that you are holding onto but don’t know exactly what to do, make some headbands! (or mobiles. tutorial for that another day)

The only thing you will really need to know, is to sew a button. That you must know in order to make this headband.

For Lily’s birthday party, I made flowers for the girls and feathers for the boys.

Since Thanksgiving is around the corner, I thought it would be a good idea to make a feather.

So here we go!

What you need:

Paper (on the thicker side so it doesn’t bend or fold), pencil, sharpie, scissors (good one that will cut through paper and fabric), glue stick, a button (or buttons if you are making more than one), needle, thread, any kind of ribbon (if you are using pajama pants you can use the ribbon-tie) and fabric.

Step 1:

With the pencil draw a leaf on the paper. Then with the scissors cut the leaf shape out. You now have your stencil. (if you want to make more than 1 headband, retrace the stencil as many times as the headbands you will be making)

Step 2:

Take your fabric and place it firmly on a flat surface. Place your stencil on top and with the sharpie contour the stencil but leave room in the fabric. With the scissors, cut the fabric leaf shape out. You now have the 2 leaves, the fabric leaf larger than the paper leaf.

Step 3:

With the glue stick, smear glue on one side of the paper leaf and then place it on the fabric leaf. With the scissors cut the excess fabric off the sides. You now have a sturdy fabric leaf.

Step 4:

It is now time to turn your leaf into a feather. With the scissors, cut slanted triangles on one side of the leaf creating a feathery pattern. Flip the leaf over and do the same on the other side. You now have a feather.

Step 5:

Place your feather on your ribbon in the desired spot and with the threaded needle, start sewing from the back side of the feather. Once the needle has come through the front side, put your button through. And…

voila! you have a feather headband.

Mamas, papas, boys and girls can wear them. You can wear them facing up or facing down. AND because I made this feather headband for this tutorial, it is only suiting that I give it away on here.

So, if you would like to win it, please leave a comment saying “yes, please! I want it!”. 😉 (giveaway ends sunday.)

Hope you enjoyed our first tutorial!