Life is pretty sweet

Happy friday everyone!

Last night while in bed, I couldn’t sleep so I started going through my cell phone pictures.

As I flipped through my pictures, I thought about how much you can tell about someone and their life by the pictures on their phone.

I kept on flipping and a huge smile came over my face and I thought, life is pretty sweet!

Don’t get me wrong, Will and I argue sometimes, I have tiring and challenging days with Lily, we’re not living in the house of our dreams, we have everyday struggles but, in this 1 bedroom apartment, we are within walking distance to good friends, the beach, parks, libraries, restaurants, culture… and, most importantly, we get to spend a lot of family time together.

I wish you all a sweet weekend!

Here’s a cell re-cap of our week.

on the way to the park

Lily in her own world

through different eyes

smelling the flowers at the park and watching a movie with some of her favorite friends

rockin’ the Elmo shirt gifted by auntie Min and new Salt Waters

putting together her new doll house

Lily’s new big girl bed and Lily using her new reading corner

two chefs in the kitchen and brunch on the balcony

a bike ride to the library and a family ice cream walk