Dear Santa,

Happy saturday Santa! (wherever you are)

Well, that time of year is around the corner and I can’t believe how fast it got here.

I feel like just the other day I was writing out last year’s list. (I seriously think someone is making time go by faster)

This year Santa, you will see some not so special but much needed items (since I just recently cleaned out my dresser drawers) and as always some fun, luxury (don’t get scared by that word) items.

So here we go, here is my 2011 Christmas list:

Pajamas! I totally need some new ones. Loving these and these (in flower stripe or pink butterfly. size medium).

New black leggings. I know boring but necessary. (size medium)

Some easy layering tanks like these in colors Goodnight Nora, Jack Black and Bright White. (size Tall in small) And these in Ivory and Oatmeal. (size medium)

A new throw on sweater like this or this. (i’m thinking large is ok)

This (size m) or this (color 508 size m) look totally comfy and easy to just throw on.

Striped shirts like this one (blue/heather grey medium), this one (camel/ivory medium), this one (size med), this one (ink blue size m) or this (print-1 size m).

A fun, weird tee like this or this that makes you think: what!? (black medium)

Not sure what is going on with the hair but, this headband is a must.

This but with an “L” (obviously) and an added diamond charm. (like this. you know i like shiny)

Loving this (med/lg) or this (blk/cream size m) as an easy/dressier throw-on.

This sweater is so yummy! (size medium)

I’m really wanting some skinny cords. Loving the color of these (in yellow size 28) or these (m pink, size 27).

Loving the color and the fit of these. (in red, size 8 )

You know it wouldn’t be my Christmas list if there were no boots in it. Hello pretties (named after one of my favorite things to drink. size 8.5) and doesn’t every girl need a pair of flowered booties? The answer is yes. (size 9)

This is perfect for my laptop when I travel and it makes me look like an artist still.

How fun are these leggings? (in black)

So, did you visually put everything together and are you thinking that I’m going to look like a big mess!?

Well, that’s it Santa. Like I said, with the exception of some items everything is pretty plain I guess but, I’m mostly a stay at home mom now and the days of dressing up to go to work and going out seem far gone.

These days it’s all about comfort with a little bit of cool. (i don’t want to look like i lost all my cool while i take Lily to the park, library and so on)

You’re probably asking yourself if I have been good this year. Well, I think so…

Oh! I almost forgot! And these please. Gotcha! Just kidding. I mean, seriously!?

Thank you Santa!