Penguins vs Panthers and PRL

Happy sunday everyone!

If you came here thinking that this is a sports post, I hate to disappoint you but, it’s actually a fashion post.

Last night uncle D stayed with Lily while Will and I went on a hockey date with our dear friends Dave and Tricia.

I think I have mentioned on here before that I am not (I repeat, am not) really a sports fan but, I’m always up for a good time and hanging out with my husband and good friends.

We had really good seats. 2 in the food area where we ate and drank for free and 2 (are you ready?) on the floor right against the glass.

The penguins lost (sorry Dave) but we all ended up having a great time either way and going to a super cute bar in Hollywood called PRL.

You know it’s a good night when it ends with a slice of pizza at 2am.

Here’s what I wore and some fun pics from our night out.

Linking up to Mandy for Steppin’ Out.

scarf- h&m. necklace- jcrew. shirt- zara. tank- theory. jeans- levi’s. satchel- zara. booties- aldo

this is my favorite heel height. any higher and i’m on my face!

me with my sexy date and the view from the top

Tricia and i in the best seats in the house

at PRL

love the face paper collage and hope the one on the right doesn’t offend anyone, i thought it so funny!

stripper caged Barbies!!! awesome