Family, a photo challenge

Family. About one of the best things in life wouldn’t you say?

I wasn’t always about family. As a teenager I wanted nothing to do with family.

I just didn’t know any better and was being a rebelling teen.

Then in my 20’s I got my senses back and well, family is where it’s at!

On our trip to Portugal this year, I got to spend a lot of time with my family. All of my cousins at that.

We only get to see each other once a year so when we are all together, is always special.

With the exception of my cousin Eugenio, Ana and her daughter Teresinha, all the cousins were present for this picture.

Linking up to Chelsey for this week’s photo challenge: Family.

P.S.- I have come back to edit this post because after I hit “publish” I realized that I did not in fact take this picture. It felt like I did since I got everyone together, forced them to have their picture taken, fixed all the settings on the camera but, Anabela was the one in charge of clicking the button on the camera.

me with Lily, Pedro with Kiko, Luis, my brother Ricky with baby Dicky, Sebastiao, Lena and Vitor with Sofia