Mamas & their babies

Hello everyone, welcome to mamas&their babies wednesday!

Today I would like to share with you my beautiful cousin Ana and her baby daughter Teresinha.

As children growing up in Portugal, Ana and I grew up practically living at our great grand mother’s and at each other’s houses. Weekends, holidays, sometimes summers, we were always together. Along with our other cousin Lena.

We were like sisters.

Ana was always the sweetest cousin.

Actually, not only is she still the sweetest cousin but, she is also one of the most naturally beautiful people I have met. She was a beautiful baby, a beautiful child, a beautiful teenager and now she is a beautiful woman and mama.

Q- How old are you Ana?

A- 36 (already!???)

Q- Where were you born?

A- Beja – Alentejo – Portugal

Q- How long have you lived in Lisboa?

A- Since I was 19 years old when I came to college… it’s already been 17 years.

Q- How old were you when you had Teresinha?

A- 35

Q- How old is Teresinha?

A- 5 months… on her way to 6 months (on sunday)

Q- Did you breastfeed and if so for how long?

A- Yes, and I hope to for a few more months

Q- Are you a stay at home mom or working mom?

A- Working mom… at the end of my maternity leave. On monday I will be returning to work.

Q- What was the hardest part for you of becoming a mom?

A- I wouldn’t call it “hardest part”, but perhaps not so pretty phases. In the beginning with breastfeeding (bleeding and sore nipples, etc) and nights with little sleep are a little example. These last phases are still painful…

Q- How did you come up with the name for Teresinha?

A- In honor of the Maria Teresas in our family (maternal grandmother and my aunt/teacher/godmother/friend Tété)

Q- What is the best advice you would give to a new mom?

A- Enjoy to the max the blessing of being a mother! Cherish your babies, because this time flies, and spoil them a lot because spoiling them now, at least when they are this little, does no harm and it will warm your soul 🙂

thank you Ana and Teresinha!

Date: October 29 2011

Location: At the park in Cuba, Portugal