Basel time!

Are you all ready for Basel week? Good, cause it’s here and thanks to uncle D who will be watching Lily on some nights and thanks to Will, I am planning on being one busy Baselite!

Alex and I sort of started things off here. Tuesday night and last night Kristin and I went around the beach in search of awesome art.

Tuesday night we loved the 1111 building all lit up in Ferrari red and we paid a visit to our favorite Lincoln Rd artists who happen to both be women.

Last night we were a bit disappointed as we walked in and out of hotels who in the previous years had tons of new art to exhibit. Not so last night. Looks like Basel is getting farther and farther away from the beach.

Tonight we will be going off the beach for some more art and a concert!

I will try my best to give you the whole Basel report so, sit back and enjoy some art and Art Basel in Miami!

1111 in ferrari red

K’s fave

my fave. i think she’s like a modern day Klimt

new world symphony center

modern day Rockwell


the ridiculous scene outside the Shelborne for Naomi Campbell’s party and lights at the Standard