Lily, the little Baselista

This is the third year that Lily has been going to Basel.

In 2009 she was only 1 month old and I think I only got to take some short walks with her.

Last year, we checked out art both during the day and at night. She was still small enough to carry in a sling.

This year she has only experienced it during the day because she is too big for a sling and yet it is a big hassle to deal with the stroller with these many people around. Either way, her bed time is 7pm.

Yesterday (and this morning) we went over to Collins park to check the public art that is out for everyone to enjoy and some pop art at a gallery on the corner of 21st and Collins that has start troopers on the balconies. (not sure of the name)

Lily really enjoyed being able to touch and walk around all the public art and her fave? The super BIG Mr. Potato Head at the gallery. (of course. so much that we went to see him again today)

I have said this on here before but, I just think that it’s so important to expose kids to art.

Tomorrow I think we will go to Art Miami so come back to check out some more Basel.

Happy weekend everyone!


Robert Melee, it sitting

Anish Kapoor, black stones, human bones

Anthony Pearson, untitled

Rachel Feinstein, gargantua

right: Thearster Gates, stand-ins for a period of wreckage

you know i love me some Moss and she happened to have been everywhere!

left: Mr. Brainwash, untitled

Lily’s fave

And today: (she decided to bring Elmo and share Basel with him. also, check out her smile for the camera face. lol)

left: Robert Melee, it sitting. right: Damien Hirst, sensation

left: Zhang Huan, 49 days no1. right: Robert Indiana, ART

Lily says “don’t cry baby”