Art overload

Happy monday everyone!

Well, Art Basel ended yesterday and it went as fast as it came.

Every year I get so excited and anxious for this time of year and then run around like crazy trying to see as much art and go to as many events as I can and it’s just exhausting and it gets to be… art overload.

This year I missed the previous years when there was a lot more art on the beach. At hotels, in the containers… there used to be a lot more art on the beach.

It was more about the Design District, Wynwood and Midtown this year and with all the traffic, it was hard getting around.

Nonetheless, I did see a lot of wonderful art (and some bad like the video installations at the New World Symphony but at least the fatboy cushions were awesome and the company even better) and it just amazes me how there are so many talented people in this world.

I hope you enjoyed Basel week here and as I promised yesterday, here is an art overload picture post.

Now that Basel is gone, I can focus on home things again. This week will be for Christmas shopping, organizing, doing laundry and cleaning because we will be flying out to the mountains of West Virginia next thursday.

Can you all believe Christmas is 20 days away? I can’t!!