around here

Things around here have been pretty back to normal and relatively easy.

It took a while after being away for so long, then Lily got sick with hand-foot-and-mouth disease and don’t even get me started on how this past mercury retrograde affected me but, we made it through.

Yesterday I did 4 loads of laundry and today we will be packing because tomorrow we will be flying out to West Virginia.

We are all eager to see family, the mountains and of course the much anticipated holidays.

Here are some cell pics.

Have a great wednesday everyone!

marker as lipstick. thankful for washables




a red chair

blue and sepia

life in dots

dressed up for reading


hair and blue suede boots out of storage

with K’s tree and new friend, Chippy

going to see the muppets with her pai

rainy bike rides

self and Zandessa. an oldie but goodie

red wine dance sessions at K’s

getting ready for WV and at the park with her buddies