Happy thursday everyone!

As a child growing up in Portugal I was the oldest of three girl cousins.

I never got any hand-me-downs. My cousins however, made out like bandits quite often.

Lily is not the oldest cousin but because we don’t live close, she often doesn’t get hand-me-downs either.

However, for the past two winters we have been lucky to get some of cousin Adelaide’s winter goodies such as last year’s snow suit and this year’s coat and ugg boots.

It’s always appreciated since we don’t live in a cold place and don’t usually need to buy such items.

What about your kiddos? Are they lucky enough to get hand-me-downs?

Linking to Morgan for small style.

hat- gifted by prima Ana. coat & ugg boots- hand-me-down from cousin Adelaide. dress- gifted by avo Hayes. tights babygap