Self. Short hair, beach and babies

The picture below of me sitting at the beach as a young 12 year old is the picture that hit home when I was going through the old albums at my parents house this past October.

I look at that picture and I think to myself “that’s me”. That’s exactly how I feel and how I basically look (with practically the same hair) now as a 39 year old.

I feel like I have come full circle in a way. No matter how many trends I went through the years, no matter how many hair styles (there were plenty), I have returned to the natural and to the beach.

I have always loved the beach and the beach has always reminded me of such wonderful summers with my cousins growing up in Portugal.

As an adult I have learned that I like (need) to live near the ocean.

And babies…. being the oldest cousin, in a way I always had babies around and was responsible for babies.

A baby on my hip. At the beach (sometimes topless still). There is no better feeling.

in Portugal, me around 12 years old (1984?) and 38 years old (2011)

in Portugal, me around 10 years old with my cousin Vitor on my hip (1980?) and 38 years old with Lily on my hip (2011)