Self. A girls girl

I have always been a girls girl.

When I was a child, my first best friend was a girl. As I have gotten older, my best friends have always been girls.

Maybe it was the fact that I was raised in a house full of women (while the men did what they did) and only had two other girl cousins until I was 7.

Most likely it’s because I’m a girl and I can always relate to other girls better than the opposite sex.

All through my life I have been very blessed to have had the best of girl friends not just in my personal but also in my work life.

Some I have parted with through the years, some I have re-connected with once again but, for the most part, I have had the same girlfriends for many years now.

There is just something about girl power!

in my great grand mother’s yard. left: me as a 6/7 year old with my best friend Lucia on my left, my cousin Ana on my right and other girl friends from the neighborhood (1978/79). right: me as a 14 year old with Lucia on my left and other girl friends (1987?)

left: high school graduation (1991) with Adrienne on my right and my high school bff Julia on my left. right: with Connie (2010)

left: Holly, Kristin and I (1995/6?). right: Melissa, me and Chane (1998)

left: my old Me&Ro crew, me, Silvia, Min and Sipiwe (2004/5?). right: my old Scoop crew, Valerie, me, Serline, Jocelyn, Tamara, Margeaux and Marie (2008?)