Snow, snow and more snow

It snowed here all day yesterday. All day it snowed big, fat, fluffy snow flakes and it turned this place into a winter wonderland.

Finally! This was the first real snow fall since we have been here.

We played outside for a bit (it was freezing), we went for a drive (it was beautiful, everything was white), we went out to eat at the new fishing lodge but, mostly we stayed home and watched the snow fall.

Our visit here will come to an end on thursday when we fly out to Miami.

It’s always hard leaving but we have had a great time and we know we can always come back.

I think I can speak for both Will and I when I say that we are both a little eager to go and start our life back in Miami in this new year of 2012.

Happy tuesday everyone!

loving the big flurries and putting some on her nose

Rio wanted in on the action

no she’s not pooping

now i know where she gets that smile from

fish in the snow

snow flakes and eyelashes

at the fishing lodge

by the river

hand in hand. love

all is white

three hats