Where the wild things are

We must travel a lot on thursdays because I find myself writing about it often on these Small Style posts. Lol

By the time some of you read this, we will be on the way back to Miami.


Where I hope we will stay for a while because I feel like I have been doing nothing but packing and unpacking since August of 2011.

Coming to West Virginia is always wonderful. Not just because we are with family but because there is so much room to let Lily run free and find her inner wild thing.

We will miss everyone and everything about West Virginia but we will be back soon.

As always linking to Morgan.

hat-gifted by prima Ana. poncho- peruvian, forgot link. sweater- kiabi. blue elmo shirt- gifted by auntie Min. leggings- old navy. uggs- hand-me-downs.

wellies- zulilly